Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Have a Feeling

That I will be watching this view for hours upon hours in the next weeks.

That would be me on the beach watching Ben as he watches the waves roll in one after the other over and over and over and over.

Here he is watching and making waves at the Science Museum. It gives him goosebumps to watch waves.

Even manufactured ones.
Only a few things give him goosebumps. Me. Any song by U2. Watching and talking about the cycling feats atop the Alps during the Tour de France. And waves.

Soon he'll be watching the real thing.

And I will be watching him and thinking, "How lucky to be with a guy who just loves simple but majestic things like waves."

And then I will wonder, "How much longer will he sit there? I'm hungry for that sushi we talked about."

I have a feeling that Sushi Friday in Hawaii will be so much better than Sushi Friday in Minnesota.

Just a hunch.

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Thomas said...

Great reading. Thanks!!!