Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Times Change, The Feeling Remains the Same

Just watched this video of the Nativity Story modernized  just a bit. It is worth it. 

Made me laugh since my friend and I were just earlier talking about all the social media out there and being inundated with the many ways to connect with other people.

I like simple, but I also like the clever and fun ways to find information and let others know about it.

Like this blog, for example.

If Mary blogged, I wonder what she would write.

"Joseph's working late again to finish a project for the neighbors. I have had to find new ways to entertain and teach this little toddler Jesus as he now gets into everything (the few possessions we have).  He seems to like it best when I sing to him. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star especially engages him."

Or maybe she would write:

"Has anyone out there tried this new recipe for humus? I found it at cooks.com. Happy to share my membership with anyone. It is one way that Elizabeth and I are able to stay in touch. We love sharing recipes. Of course, she is having trouble finding recipes anywhere with locusts as the main ingredient."

When I think this way...in terms I know, I can picture better the human characteristics of Christ and his family. They did all we did, it just took a lot longer and they had to be much more patient with information gathering and sharing.   But, maybe they didn't see it as being patient. They filled the time with other things that needed to be done.

One thing I have been filling time with lately is researching destinations and attractions in Hawaii.

Now this is a time when all our technological advances comes in very handy.

And yet, my favorite time of day is laying in bed with a half glass of wine next to me and reading from a book all that Hawaii has to offer.

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