Friday, January 7, 2011

Homemade Gifts - Part 5

My good friend recently had her first baby.  This is a particularly joyful event for me because we can finally share the joys of motherhood.  This friend has been in my children's lives since before they were each born. She is one of those people who meets your kid and connects with them in all the months leading up to their birth. I would say that she creates an early and lasting bond with my children. A gift. Especially since we are not even related and she is under no obligation to do so. She just does it. It's natural for her. And it blesses me.

To honor her (and because I chose her name in a Secret Santa type gift drawing), I made her these three gifts.

This one is a 4 inch x 4 inch scrapbook.
Another friend spotted it at a craft sale and thought I would like the idea so she bought one for me. I copied it for the new mom in my life and arranged pictures of our history so far as we have shared our kids together.

It is simply made with three 8 inch x 8 inch pieces of card stock paper and a short ribbon to close it. That's it. You add the rest with your own personal touch.
The folds are what make it fun!
Here it is all opened up.
And the back.
It fit nicely into the little purse I made for her, the smaller of the two below.  (I am getting good at these!)
I intended the larger purse to be used as a quick "to go" diaper bag. As children grow, you really don't need much to take them on the road.  So I made a small clutch to fit a couple diapers and a pack of wipes.
I think I enjoy most coordinating the fabrics and materials for these projects and choosing the photos that best capture the eleven years of memories (so far) that we have shared with the children in our lives.

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