Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vacation: His Version

This blog entry was meant to be posted weeks ago - just behind my Florida getaway post.

Life happened in between. Some serious back issues, to be exact.

It hasn't been the same since this trip.

I rarely "put my foot down" in our marriage. But this once I think I have a point.

If you camp next Winter, please bring a dog to drag that massive sled with all your gear. Or hire a sherpa. If it works in the Himalayas, it will work in the Boundary Waters. I am sure you can find some hungry college kid who doesn't mind sleeping in 0 degree weather, waking to dog slobber on the face and unidentified debris in his drinking water. If he doesn't jump at the chance, sell him on the scenery, the company and the sauna waiting for him on the last night.

Trying to wrap my mind around how one wraps his mouth around this. Looks delicious!

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