Monday, April 28, 2014

Friday Evening Art Crawl

Our Friday family night was glorious - the weather, the scenery, the creativity, the spontaneity.

We visited two locations where local artists are displaying their creations in our hometown city as part of the weekend's Saint Paul Art Crawl.

First we stopped in at the Grand Hill Gallery to check out cousin Josh's paintings.

Here's the artist himself (on the right) and a couple of his paintings we admired.

Other artists displayed their works here too. I think our collective favorite was this sculpture - Dancers. Simply made with two forks. Brilliant.

Upon leaving the Grand Hill location we took a quick detour to this tiny park near our beloved first house.

Then we headed to the newly renovated Schmidt brewery artist lofts to check out cousin David's paintings.

 It's a talented artistic family I married into. Here's a shot from David's studio.

And this building and lofts are amazing. I just couldn't get enough. A gorgeous blend of the old and new.

Here are the shots our eldest captured as she meandered through the building.

Sunset on the way home was a perfect end to our evening excursion.

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Dianne said...

This is such a great post! Thanks for sharing all the photos.