Thursday, September 1, 2011


From Left To Right: Miss Multi-Talented; Mrs. I Can Juggle Anything That Comes My Way Amazing Mom; Mrs. Happy to be Mrs. Reed; Mrs. I am Feeling Old; Mrs. I Hate Being Called A Matron Of Honor But I Look Like a Model (one who also can achieve a 4.0 in college.)

Or, you could just identify us as "Sisters".

You Pick.

Photo curtesy of Gosia, Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire and becoming a Ferber Family Favorite.

Find her work here.

The photo above is blurry here from the download. Her stuff is really gorgeous.

On a more personal note and general note: Blogging is difficult for me these days. I have random ideas that pop into my head at the worst times, lots of pictures, much to say and little time to organize thoughts and channel the creativity in this way. Thus, I anticipate posts in the future not necessarily in chronological order, or any order for that matter, and probably fewer than I would like. Some really fun or important events or adventures might not make the cut.  I will have to be selective. For the foreseeable future anyway. Pray for me!

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birdie said...

blog away, in order or not in order, i enjoy reading your blogs. you have a lot of life to share and learn from.