Monday, September 12, 2011

She's Off - For Real This Time

Six years ago I was dropping my first off at school and this lovely girl was one week away from being born.

Each year at this time this little gal dons her sisters' uniforms and backpacks and plays school. Finally its her turn.

She was eager, up early, took charge of her getting ready and happily waved (and hugged, with my prompting) me out of the classroom.

Okay, I get the hint. You are ready.  You have been ready for years now.

So, what did I choose to do today?

I walked around Lake Harriet.  First exercise for me since last May.  It felt good to go for a brisk walk with the breeze off the lake, the sun shining, and "Get On Your Boots" in my ears.

I shopped. I planned meals for the week. I locked myself out of the house with a load of groceries in 90 degree heat.  I was resourceful and got back in.  I'm not telling how.

I missed the little gal today, she is a great buddy. (She would have been holding the door for me that I let shut accidentally.) But she will absolutely flourish at school.

Can't wait to hear of her adventures in learning.

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