Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Mix of Culture, Art and Play

We recently went on an outing...all the way to Eagan to visit the Caponi Art Park and Learning Center.  Mr. Caponi, an Italian immigrant, artist and professor, lives here and has created a space for exploration and learning.  It is kind of surreal to be picnicking in what is really someone's back yard, but cool at the same time. The grounds are just open to plopping down wherever you want and eating, playing, resting, etc. We ate and played on the grounds together, then explored the sculptures all over the property. I found the park to be perfect for kids...not so huge that you lose them, but big enough so they can run off and check the scenery out for themselves. It also provided for the opportunity to appreciate sculpture. "What are sculptures?", I was asked on our way there. Wait. You've seen sculptures before. Right?  How many times have we been to the MIA (another free and open to the public destination)? Anyway, I think this trip solidified it for them.  The park also invites artists and performers in for entertainment. Family Fun Tuesdays continue throughout the summer. A place to check out!

Here are the girls with the artist and park resident, Mr. Caponi, whom we met cruising around on his golf cart.
Here's Kate in front of his house. See, you really get close to their private life. It's really not so private. Interesting.
There are hills to enjoy...
And paths to explore...
What's this one all about?
"Hey, its Count Olaf's eye!" declares my daughter.
"And this one shows the remains of the volcano eruption in Pompeii. Remember, we learned about that in school."  Gotta love the classical education.
And my favorite...the snake. Yes, I said the snake. I know, I have a major dis-like for the animal. But, this built into the hill sculpture captured my attention. In a good way.

I just love bringing the girls to new places and watching the wonder, the play, the imagination, the joy. Summer outings are the best!

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