Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bubbling Wizard's Brew

Well I got the inevitable summer time question the other day. "I'm bored. What can I do?"  I steered bored daughter to Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do and said, "Pick out a project. Go for it."

So, she chose this one.
 She got all excited and collected the necessary items. "Just one problem, mom. I don't know where we keep the vinegar." Right here," I say, "under the kitchen sink." It was next to the gin bottle filled with dish soap, also on her list.
What happened next was pure magic - all three joining in to watch the brew bubble, spill and swirl. As you can see, they soon discovered that adding more baking soda, then adding more baking soda yielded more bubbling and spilling. Notice the teamwork with Wizard #2 holding the book so Wizard #1 can easily read the instructions?  All their idea. I was only on hand to snap some pictures. I happened to be very distracted during this time while watching American tennis pro Andy Roddick go down in flames in the round of 16 at Wimbeldon. Darn. I really wanted him to make it to the finals and repeat the showdown with Federer, who left England for home early too as it turns out. So, maybe next year I'll get my showdown.

But, back to the teamwork. I practically expected the girls to circle up, put their hands in the middle, raise them high and shout "Go Team!"  They are known to do this while eating popsicles. It's really cute to watch the six kids of the hub do it altogether.
As I continue to watch Roddick die a slow death, I start to hear from the dining room, "We're mad scientists." "Yeah, let's be the kids from Nanny McFee."  And, "Let's blow up Saturn."  And, "Let's be those robbers who steal....."

Wait. What was going on in there?

Let's just say the imagination ran wild and we had swirling, giggling, and stories becoming more bizarre with each stir of the spoon.
Did I mention it's good to have a rimmed baking sheet for this project?  Well, they come in handy. Good thing I got one for Christmas or we'd have bits of Saturn all over the floor.

I wonder what will happen the next time I hear, "I'm bored. What can I do?"

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