Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getaway to the Tropics

The closest I'll come to a Spring Break trip South! We visited the Como conservatory this morning for about an hour. What a peaceful, warm and humid place! Perfect for the bit of a cold I feel coming on and for Izzy and Pieta to just walk around and explore. We loved the tall trees with leaves bigger than small children, the mist, peering over the rocks to talk to the fish in the koi pond, and of course, the bright pinks and purples in the Easter flower display. We'll have to come back soon as I think it will be fun to bring a sketchpad and pencils and just sit and draw. Maddie got a new camera for her birthday, so I think she'll enjoy taking pictures too.

On a silly note, we got back to the car and Izzy said, "That was Conserva-boring. There was only hot-ness."

Oh well, I tried.

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