Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well, I just had a conversation with Ben ab0ut how our life seems so planned into the future...some necessary due to large family gatherings and such, but some just because of our goals or what we value. I already am looking ahead to the summer and how to incorporate physical activity, outings and camping in for the girls and I. We are blessed in the city to have quite a lot to choose from in terms of weekly camps, teams, and other opportunities to fill the time. Now it is a matter of discernment and thought as to the best place for our money and time to go. I more prefer to let it happen, but then sometimes Nothing happens instead! It seems an interesting time in raising girls as they come of age in expressing who they are as unique individuals, and it takes the two of us to notice and encourage their individuality. I am not the best observer or analyst, so it takes me time and lots of conversation, but it is getting better.

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