Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Usborne Book of the Week, A Kane-Miller title!

I laughed out loud a lot at this one!

"This brightly illustrated sequel to Duck in the Truck and Duck's Key: Where Can It Be? begins with Duck batting in a pickup game of baseball. When the ball he hits gets stuck in a tall tree, he tosses up his bat and a glove to knock it down, and soon all three are caught in the branches. At the story's outset, little Frog is dismissed as too small for ball with his bigger friends, but he surprises Goat, Sheep, and Duck with a clever play at the story's end. The rhyming text flows along rhythmically, while the illustrations dramatize the action and underscore the visual comedy of the narrative. This simple baseball story is a good choice for young children, who will empathize with Duck's difficulties and savor Frog's moment of triumph." - Booklist

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