Friday, February 20, 2009

Tomah Bound

I have three excited girls and one excited husband who are looking forward to their weekend adventures in Tomah, WI and Ely, respectively. Izzy has packed two bags (one too many) and keeps asking about when we are finally leaving. We'll be traveling with Barbara and using Hugh's car, much more compact than the van. We'll experience a new closeness and shared space on this trip, I'm sure!

We are peaceful, yet wonder if Ben will maintain his job at US Bank. It's kind of a wait and see thing. In the meantime, we try to keep expenses down, make even more frugal choices than we did before, and pray we can accomplish the things we hoped to before the threat of a job loss.

At this time, it has prompted good conversation and reminders of the Lord's care and love for us all. It doesn't hurt to be forced to be creative and resourceful, we shold all be anyway, I guess. Great things happen when we are challenged to think, share, do without, create, etc.

My hope is that we can still expand and improve our life so that we can bless others and work to bear good fruit. I think that will always continue no matter what comes our way.

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Jen said...

I love hearing your perspective on the economic future. I know we've talked about it, but it is so filled with hope and adventure. I want my "tree" to be planted by your "tree" to bear good fruit! Let's be an orchard together!

Watch out for windfalls!