Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Beauty Shelf

Back at it. Blogging.

Here goes.

In my days as a youth we rejoiced at the rare "snow day" when school was called off. With multiple new inches of snow came another wave of fun - carving out snow forts in the huge drifts, sliding off the neighbor's garage roof, making deep snow angels and on and on....

This winter my girls have the unusual experience of several days of "free" days due to extreme cold.

That translates into playing inside, reading inside, having fun with mom inside, spending money inside. A lot of inside. Actually, only inside.

Time to get creative.

Yesterday we took the day to clean the room, rearrange furniture, and create a "beauty shelf". It all started with a request to bunk their beds. It ended with less clutter, more function, and a cute room more fit for pre-teen girls.

We wanted to eliminate unwanted and unused items, make the space feel more open, comfortable, and functional. To do this, we needed an extra floor lamp, a shelf (to add to the two we already had) and a rug. This meant making a trip to IKEA. I discovered that it is possible to cruise through IKEA in less than an hour. We were there and back again in 50 minutes. Yes!

One addition to the room is what I call "the beauty shelf". I just threw the name out there. Izzy laughed. The name stuck.

Where before they kept brushes, glasses, and accessories in multiple locations and without any order, they now have one space designated for these items and one spot for getting ready in the morning.

This morning after the girls left for school, I added these four hooks.

They hold hair binders, head bands, rainbow loom bracelets and beaded bracelets.

The rings keep accessories visible and organized. I firmly believe that what can't be seen well, does not get used. Stuffed in a drawer or strewn across their dresser top, these were hidden and not easily seen. I think this solution will help keep their room a bit more tidy and their time in getting ready in the morning more efficient.

The shelf sits between their individual shelves which hold their reading lamps, books, and meaningful knickknacks.

I think they will be happy with the addition of accessories on the wall.

Maybe coming home to this new element will help with the adjustment of actually being back in school.

P.S. The hooks are from Target; came in a set of six. I purchased the rings as a set many years ago - can't remember where they are from.

P.S. #2.  It's good to be back. Blogging.

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Cunheez said...

glad to see you're back! I love how you describe the world : )