Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Trunk

I created a little adventure for myself last week. I needed to run an errand to Stillwater.  I know, twist my arm. The town is super cute and on a sunny day is really hard to leave. But I had a lunch date at Punch Pizza and was motivated enough to leave the little paradise for the big city to enjoy some wonderful food and good company.

Anyway, I had a few minutes to kill while waiting for Staples Mill Brewery to open. We have a monthly growler re-fill arrangement with the brewery and I wanted to fill it this month to bless my husband and our friends meeting that night to play 500.  I ducked into an antique shop and happened upon this trunk.

I was smitten.

It is just a trunk, I know.

But the color, the size and the price were perfect.

I have had my eye out for a trunk for the basement to store blankets in the summer. It is one of those items that I told myself would eventually come along, if not years down the road. I was willing to be patient and wait for the right one.

Well, I had found it.

One problem.

This trunk was locked and would not succumb to normal methods of un-locking, namely, a key.

It was just stuck in this position.

A very nice older gentleman tried for some time to open the thing. He had a key ring with maybe 40 keys on it and tried every one.

He called over the owner of the trunk who went through a series of screw drivers and small tools to try to pry the thing open.

My anticipation grew with each try.

What was in this thing anyway?

A body?  No, that's too gruesome to think about.

A love letter?

An old newspaper?

A quilt?



My imagination loved entertaining the possibilities.

But, to no avail.

In the shop we were not able to discover the trunk's secret.

I bought the trunk anyway and got five bucks knocked off the price for the trouble.

I said thanks, loaded it in the back of the van and made my way back to the city with the hope of opening this treasure one way or another and finally discovering its secret.

After my lunch date, I gathered these simple tools.

I pried that lock open in a couple good whacks, breathed deeply, with hope and anticipation and peered inside.

No body.

No letters.

No newspapers.

No money.

Just an empty trunk.

With a funny musty smell.

Oh well, the adventure was worth the trouble.

I love the trunk. Got a great deal. And use it for storage already.

Some adventures are just too fun to pass up.

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Dianne said...

Great find!! Are those leather strap handles I see? Terrific!