Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I remember as a kid picking a tulip, wrapping wet kleenex and plastic around the stem and walking to school to give it to my teacher.  I usually was not the only one presenting her with a flower. The wise and hopeful teacher had a vase on her desk just waiting to be filled. And it often was.

I just love the hope that these little bulbs bring.
When the lawns are dry, the leaves mostly fallen, and the gardens wilting, these guys represent a new season.

I've always envied those gardens near mine that are lined with gorgeous tulips in April and May. It just never worked or fit into my life to plant my own. But this Fall, I have 60 little promises planted in my front and back yard.  Man, I hope they all come up.  The pictures on the package make big claims.

Can't wait for all that color to return.  Makes me ache for Spring already.

I'm in trouble.

Somebody remind me I live in Minnesota.  Just to get me by, I am pushing for a back yard ice rink.  It's a tough sell in this house. The vote is currently 4-1, but we don't function as a democracy. Which is a good thing because if we did, I'd have to endure "The Show" being repeated on the iPod about 30 times in a row. Love the song, just not in my head for 24 hours straight.

Lots to look forward to - life is full of promise and potential.

For now I will just sit back and "enjoy the show."  Oh dear.

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