Thursday, October 6, 2011


 On any given day, but especially on Mondays (my chop, slice and dice day), I end up with a bowl of peelings, grounds, rinds, cores....slops basically.
 I take the bowl outside to the back yard we share with our neighbors.
 I add the contents of my bowl to this.
 In a few short months, give or take some time, it turns into this - rich, healthy, black dirt.
See the side-by-side difference? It's one of those amazing phenomenons of nature. The breakdown of our garbage into dirt so we can enrich our garden to give us more food to create more garbage - the cycle of life.
If you want a quick and easy guide to composting, check this out  Composting 101

We do it with our hub as a way to be resourceful and to nourish the garden we so lovingly plant and cultivate each year together.  I say "lovingly" to remind myself that even when the result is less than desired (this year, very few beans or peas), it is still important to love the process and try again.

Try it! It's easy to do, low maintenance, and a concrete way to play farmer-gardener right here in the heart of the city.

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