Friday, June 10, 2011

Queen For A Day



That mantra still rings in my ears from a couple years ago when my oldest was learning about the six wives of Henry VIII and their fate.

Recently, daughter #2 learned the same chant and grew in her knowledge of the first "beheaded".

She was assigned Anne Boleyn to research. The full assignment called for a report with a bibliography, a poster board with pictures, props, a costume and a presentation in front of the class and parents.

Not quite sure how this was all going to go down, I was in the end so proud of our "queen for a day." She pulled it off very well. She read, outlined, wrote, re-wrote, memorized, practiced her oratory skills, gave input on the costume I sewed for her and delivered a wonderful address in front of her peers.

Most importantly, she asked great questions throughout this whole process which showed she understands some of the complexity and seriousness of the situation of this particular queen. She is still naive about some facts or parts of Anne's situation, which I am fine with. In time and with maturity she will come to understand more and form an even better opinion regarding her life and choices.
For now, our queen for the day showed poise and perseverance through a lengthy assignment and finished her school year well.

This mom is proud.

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