Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hot Cross Buns

 Music fills the air in our home! It is a beautiful thing. I think I have heard Hot Cross Buns on the piano about 100 times now. The girls watched a couple lessons at Free Piano Lessons for Kids and mastered their first song.  This guy is a great pianist himself and a good teacher. He understands kids, takes time with one aspect of piano playing, is friendly and talks to the young student as if he is right there with them.

The piano came into our home rather quickly. It originally belonged to one family in the People of Praise, was given to the Cunningham's, then to a third family. This last family is moving and needed to find a new home for the piano. In a matter of two days, we learned of the offer, made arrangements for it to be moved here, made room in our little space for it and started to fill the house with music.  I have hope that our skills and knowledge of playing will all increase as time goes by and we continue to learn from Mr. Hoffman.  I am thankful I found his site and his free lessons.  God provides.

One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns.


RE Adams said...

Thank you Lucy for this awesome sight. I too am grateful but now I need a piano. It will come with time though.

Your blog is inspiring to me as I homeschool our 3 children. God bless you!

Liz (Koller) Adams

Joseph said...

I cannot say how thrilled I was to come across your blog, and to discover that my lessons have helped filled your home with music! I hope you continue to enjoy the lessons, and please keep me posted about your children's progress.

Musically yours,
Joseph Hoffman