Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christ Serving the Haitians

I teach Maddie's 5th grade Faith Formation class at our church every Sunday morning. One thing we talked about a couple weeks ago is the "Good News" we see around us, that is, the work people are doing in our world to solve problems.  The four kids in the class made a large poster with clippings from local newspapers and the Catholic Spirit that showed specific people in action serving humanity. Maddie also choose to write down some captions of her own from her experience in People of Praise, like the times she has served at the Feed My Starving Children program.

Yesterday I saw this video from the BBC of a nun working in Haiti's capitol at a clinic serving those suffering and dying from the recent cholera outbreak in that country.  She made me think of "good news" - one who is choosing to dedicate her time and energy towards a serious problem. The story really isn't about her, but the work being done to effectively treat/help the Haitian people.

Sharing the Good News from around our neighborhoods and our world brings hope and real solutions.

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