Thursday, September 30, 2010


So it has been an eventful, busier than normal, emotional up and down August and September. Just getting some footing here. Just in time for October.  Anyway, one highlight of late is the clinching of the A.L. central division by our own Minnesota Twins. 

So, when I have the side bar on the blog here with the title "Road to the World Series", I'm not kidding.

On a funny and related note, I was sitting outside today thoroughly enjoying the following - the breezy shade, choosing songs from our POP worship and praise book to use for our Hub prayer time together; helping Pieta fork the pasta and chickpeas so she wouldn't stab her cute face; and watching Izzy and Luke watch the Twins play. Yes, you read that right. No, I wish we had an inside view to Target field direct from our backyard, but no luck. Lately Izzy and Luke have been perched on the deck stairs staring out into the vastness of our back yard and pretending to watch the Twins play ball.  Today Izzy was also dressed as a bride.  She is usually dressed this way in the house, but took the wedding outdoors today. Is that even "legal" in the church? Anyway, she's sitting there and I ask her about her getting married at the Twins game. She says in a voice like she can't believe I got it wrong, "No mom, I am not getting married at the Twins game. I am getting married at Target Field."

Go Twins!

Wait Izzy. At least another umpteen years until you even think about getting married. And please wait another several years after that before I can even adjust to the quite possible reality of celebrating your wedding at home plate.

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