Saturday, March 20, 2010

Round Two (or should it be Three?)

Well, here we are again with a daughter on the couch and a very hard cast (pink this time) keeping her from bending a leg that is made to MOVE. Last night she would shake and seize up with muscle spasms, I think. So hard to watch because we didn't know how to help her. Her body wants to move and sleep. She finally drifted off peacefully and slept through most of the night.

We were able to have our family night game though with Izzy calling out the directions as the four of us twisted it up on the mat playing Twister. It was a fun time and Izzy seemed to really enjoy it. I caved early as usual, weak wrists, I guess. Ben and Kate are the most flexible and strong with Ben finally winning the game.

Ben prepares for his trip to Idaho. He leaves tomorrow and hopes to get in some snow boarding. I can't remember the last time he had the opportunity to do that. I think he is really looking forward to it.

Have been thinking about the Health Care bill (on a more serious note) and am finding myself praying more for tomorrow' possible vote. Yikes. I read in the paper that part of the proposed bill affects student loans for college. How many other items are in there totally unrelated to health care that we don't know about? Do I have time to read the whole bill? Does anyone?

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