Monday, August 10, 2009

Happenings of the Last Week

Well, we have made great progress on the basement! Ben worked days and evenings with John and Steve to wire, insulate, sheet rock and mud/tape the basement. We were tested with moisture...something I heard the Lord say we might deal with and to be ready to fight against. Shellee lent us her de-humidifier, so hopefully we'll see less dampness on the floors and the mud will dry so we can start sanding and smoothing the walls. Already the space feels lighter, more like a room you would want to hang out in and the new storage space is going to be very useful. We have nicknamed the kids' hideout under the stairs the "hobbit hole." I think Izzy is looking forward to playing in a cozy little spot. The girls and I bounced around a bit to avoid the noise and the mess. Thanks to Shellee, mom and dad, and Nana and Pops for their hospitality!

Maddie is off to Servant Camp this week and we hope Kate can join her friends there this weeek as a Pony. She woke up with a cold and fever this morning. Pray she is healed and can enjoy camp. She continues to care for her pumpkin plant in our garden we share with the Lee's and Shellee. So far her plant has produced one nice looking pumpkin! We are getting some good tips from Shellee about caring for pumpkins so they grow BIG!

Ben is back to work and will have a busy week getting back into the routine at the office. I hope to enjoy the outdoors for this sunny week ahead and maybe get some reading done! I'm reading a great book called "In Defense of Food", a book I started on our vacation with the Cunningham's...will blog more about the book's topic later. Let's just say for now that it is fascinating and life changing (or eat-changing) stuff!

We booked one more short camping trip for later August...probably the final hurrah of the summer. Hope grandma and grandpa can join us and maybe Barbara too!

All three girls really enjoyed the Great Adventure Camp at Messiah Episcopal Church two weeks ago. Izzy is "playing/pretending" GAC today! They learned some new praise songs and learned a lot about the apostle Paul and the life of the early church. They have talked about and played "the Romans", and I am reminded of the times my siblings and I pretended to run and hide from the evil Romans. We used to dive under blankets on the couch and scream, "The Romans are coming!!" Fun to see it come around 25 years later!

Also had an opportunity to toss around water balloons, and watch Ben take on the younger alumni at Alumni Field Day at River Ridge. Ben never felt so old!

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