Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'll Take My Stand

I like this article...especially resonates during these days of summer with grass under our feet and and the thoughts of making up a room as we work on the basement project. Do we ever come across a snobbery directed at Minnesotans or Mid-Westerners? I once had a college classmate ask me how I got food during the Winter here in Minnesota.

An excerpt:

I come from a place where elegance is valued, where beauty is enough of an argument for the existence of anything—where walls are draped in silks and gorgeous textiles, where women know how best to drape themselves, how best to make up a face, how best to make up a room so lovely it radiates its own light, how to host a proper cocktail party, where men know what a good single malt Scotch tastes like and when it rains, they get their feet wet walking you to your car under umbrellas.

I come from a place where ritual is respected, where children are taught to say Ma’am and Sir because it’s respectful. Because the act of saying so acknowledges the truth that these people have come before you and know better than you do just how bloody costly life is.

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