Sunday, January 4, 2009

American Girl Christmas

Kit and Molly joined our family Christmas this year and oh, girl, have they been loved! Maddie and Kate have been busy this weekend (we've been quarantined since Izzy was sick) writing newspaper articles and stories...just like Kit. We have also been reading the girls' adventures and learning about the Great Depression, the context of Kit's life. This has been an interesting way to teach our kids about economics and to give them some sense of what is happening with our current economic status. Now they have another "authority" on the subject encouraging frugality and sacrifice with one's possessions, space and money. Who knew a perfectly marketed toy could spark such family conversation?

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Dianne said...

It has been my experience that in everything we do, the hand of God is seen. I am not surprised that Kit and Molly have been part of that. You and Ben are the best teachers with the Holy Spirit so present. Happy New Year...we were blessed that you came over on Sunday.