Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ahhh, Warmth!

Lows today in the double digits, that's below zero. Consequently, our van would not start this morning, so morning plans had to be re-arranged. Sometimes it is nice to just be cooped up in one's own home to catch up on reading, organizing, and oh yes, today, staying warm.

As I write this, Izzy has discovered a new nook and cozy spot for playing, the bottom shelf of the hallway closet. It is just the right size for her 3 year old body. Now, she's snoring away sleeping there and, I am sure, very warm!

After cleaning out the kitchen island drawer, I found more reading material that had conveniently been shoved under and behind other items. I have been reading about life in our neighborhood parish as we make the decision about which parish to belong to; I organized and read through some religious education materials I'd like to use with the girls who are not currently in any religious education program; I filed our oven installation instructions and paged through the Convection Cookbook that came with our new oven (monkey bread anyone?). Now that would make our kitchen very warm!

I also discovered today that our basement fireplace does kick out more heat if one turns up the fan knob ALL the way. I had only had it halfway up, but thanks to the help from the very kind man I called from Fireside Hearth & Home, I now can expect a very warm basement. Glad that was figured out on the coldest day of the year to date!

Billy Blanks is in the background now as I await his ab crunching make me warm and hopefully more in shape. I wish I could do all the lunges and kicks, but that will come as I strengthen my knee. Ben has been biking down here quite a bit and I even got on the treadmill last night.

All we can do in this weather is move where we're at. Or, in Izzy's case, sleep where we're at.

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