Sunday, December 7, 2008

And He Shall Reign Forever and Ever...

Home from the Trinity Concert/People of Praise meeting. The Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Orchestra and Wind Ensemble performed and three people offered reflections on the Gospel stories of the birth of Christ. It was a truly beautiful and talent filled service. The auditorium was packed and the music filled the large open space.

I am always blown away by the lyrics of Handel's Messiah and today was no exception. Christ is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, forever and ever. These words are powerful, true and light the way for us as we meander and charge through our days. Joel's words echo in my mind too. Jesus was born a humble, good guy. When did God become a judge only concerned with our sin? Jesus is our friend and wants us to know him beyond this season. He gives us our hope, our peace, our courage, and our energy.

Praise God for the Body of Christ which born out of our commitment to Jesus and each other sustains and builds our faith. It propels us into living out a tough but doable Gospel message: See and love this world. Love who's in it. Give your life for it. It is worth it.

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