Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's America's Favorite Pasttime Time!

I am well aware that spring training is already underway; I have already enjoyed listening to a few innings here and there.  So this is not right on the ball because life is full.  In our family we have a wedding on the way, a baby on the way, business trips (one currently happening), Spring break mini trip to visit old friends, a weekend getaway with the O'Reilly ladies, Track and Field, Gymnastics session beginning again, festivities of Holy Week to plan (maybe another timpano?), Circus performances, a garage sale to organize, final touches to attend to in our new bedroom, discernment of what to do with my "life", etc.  Just the normal stuff!

Anyway, I am excited for all of the above in the next few weeks and for the baseball season.

There are some new players to become acquainted with and some old players I pray return to their Most Valuable Player form.

I looked through some pics from last year and compiled a few here to  share our outings to the ballpark in what turned out to be a dud of a season for our beloved Twins.  You know its bad, when you are just hoping they don't break the 100 game losing mark.

So, here's to another opportunity, a new season, a fresh start! Hopefully this one brings some more games to attend and maybe even some more bases to run.  Hopefully some warmer games to attend too. Last year we braved the rain, energetic and quite inebriated fans in front of us, an embarrassing loss to the Yankees, a no hitter for Liriano going into the 8th inning, terrible ball park food, but lots of fun and good memories.

Here we go!

 Liriano pitching his near 2nd No Hitter of the Season.

 Belting out "Don't stop believin'..."  This guy was a hoot.

Somebody left with a full stomach and maybe not quite all their teeth.

 And last but not least, my hubby, sportin' some serious Mauer-like sideburns.

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