Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Big Girl Adventure

These two are embarking on a Big Girl Adventure.  The first real big adventure of their lives. An adventure with Grandma.

I imagine they'll return with glowing skin, a light shade of pink and a few more freckles.

They'll be enjoying scenery like this.

And this.

And maybe even catch a glimpse of this.

Nothing like a hello wave from a humpback whale mama.

Maybe they will hike though this.

I'm hoping they try this.

But not this.

Let's leave that to the professionals.

They'll get to hang out with this cool dude.  I mean his eyelashes alone are just to die for.

And, they'll get to witness their baby cousin being welcomed into God's great big amazing family through the sacrament of baptism and get to personally bless him with the sign of the cross.

It's a special time for them and I am so excited for them.

And if they're anything like their parents, they'll be itching to return to the beautiful isle of Oahu faster than you can say Humuhumunukunukuapua'a - the state fish of Hawaii.

Aloha, Girls!  

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