Friday, August 19, 2011

Thanks, Jill

You've been there through the major and minor firsts in this family's life. First steps, first sacraments, first plane ride, first days on this beautiful earth.

You intercede for us. You offer reason, wisdom, understanding and truth in the good times and the bad.

You provide good humor, good food, good hospitality, good taste.

You've been a traveling buddy, the best of the best babysitters out there, single most contributor to our children's library (with poignant and insightful inscriptions for each child), a faithful godmother.

You gave us up as next door neighbors, gracefully.

You live a healthy, good and pure lifestyle. You are a role model for my children and me.

You (and your amazing spouse) life selflessly and generously.

You live for the kingdom in big and small ways.

You give to give. You don't expect anything in return.

You blessed me with a great gift.

Twins v. Yanks.

Mr. 600 Home Runs v. Mr. 3,000 Hits.

Thanks, Jill.

Your friendship is priceless.

Even though they got slaughtered, it was totally worth the trip to the park.
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Dianne said...

What a nice tribute to Jill. I agree. She has also been a wonderful friend to Anna and Beka. Friendship is a true gift from God.