Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ewe Too

Wasn't sure how this concert was going to go down at first.

My husband and date for the night started crying as he read me the play list from the St. Louis concert. I told him to "man up, or get out of the car."

Geeeesh. I thought I might need to provide therapy during the concert if he couldn't keep it together even in the car on the way there. You've got to get yourself together.... (They performed that one, by the way.)

Then there was the imminent threat of rain and possible cancellation. Johnny take a dive with your sister in the rain; Let her talk about the things you can't explain (Myserious Ways - also performed.)
The Gophers scoreboard kept posting the emergency sites we were to evacuate to in case of lightening.

That made me feel much better.

Then we had to endure a few 50 year old perverts next to us, totally obnoxious men who almost destroyed my faith in humanity. Do you really have to offer me weed, use the f-word in every sentence, unbutton your pants?

And these were guys who looked like executives or chiropractors.

The guys next door.


Are there any decent men left?

I prepared my date for a possible need to retreat to the back of the floor. I did not want these children ruining my concert experience.

And, I couldn't bring in my own camera; the lens exceeded the limit and my camera bag was too big for regulations inside the stadium. I felt kind of important having such a cool camera that was too big. But bummed I had to instead use my date's smart phone that I had no experience with.

Next we stood through the rousing opening act, Interpol.

See how excited everyone was?
While we waited for You Two the 360 screen posted lots of facts and figures about world population, how many more days of coal we have left, what the exact time in Bogota was.

All interesting facts.

But I wondered, will they post the amount of diesel fuel used for this world wide tour that requires 100 semi trucks to transport the massive claw like stage around the country?

And that is only one third of the fuel needed. This concert tour required three separate stages to traverse the country side since it takes one week to set up just one.

I decided not to focus on the political...that would inevitably come later in the concert anyway. I chose to enjoy the music, the lyrics, the spectacle, the vibe, the crowd, my date's arms wrapped around me, and yes, the pouring down rain for the latter half.

It was incredible.

Lights go down and all I know is that you give me something I can feeeeel...Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! (Veritgo - one of my favorite work out songs, when I choose to work out.)

Here's the Setlist which included most of my favorites.

I'm light enough and my date is strong enough, so I was hoisted up several times and got a few blurry shots...but it gives you a sense of how close we were to the action.

That's The Edge and Adam Clayton in case you can't tell.

And the main man Bono, whose energy is remarkable. His spirit inspiring. His ability to rock out and enjoy whatever nature throws his way amazing.
Did you know his real name is Paul? And he is 51 years old?

Our only picture of the foursome.
There was one moment during their second song - they were closed in on each other in a small circle just playing and I caught a glimpse of what it might have been like decades ago when they started together as a band. Just four young Irish guys composing and playing some tunes.

Despite the 60,000+ crowd, lasers, light show, smoke and hoopla, there was also an element of intimacy that balanced the show.

In the end my body was soaked, my throat a little sore, my lower back needing a massage, but I was still pumped.

My faith in humanity restored.

The lyrics from Where The Streets Have No Name played in my head all night.

And still rang in my ears this morning.

And when I go there
I go there with you

It's all I can do

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