Friday, October 1, 2010

Religion Quiz

When a new Pew Research quiz comes out, my dad takes it and sends it around to the family and we compare scores.  Most of us do well and guess even better.  It is a fun way to test our knowledge of current events, mostly political information. 

This quiz got national attention because of the low scores among those who identify themselves with one religion. Ben brought it up at our dinner conversation the other night with the girls and mentioned his surprise at the number of Catholics who answered incorrectly on the question regarding the Eucharist. One thing I remind myself is that identifying yourself on a survey as one thing does not mean you adhere to all it teaches or that you practice that religion. You may have just "been born with it" and still choose to use it as a category in your identity. I think that is where the real conversation should go. How true are we to who we say we are?

Take the quiz and see how you compare!

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