Sunday, November 29, 2009

Universal Body of Christ

I was remembering our honeymoon to France back 10+ years ago. We spent a few days in the northern part of the country at the monastery of Mont St. Michel, a beautiful place. We toured the main church and attended a mass in the crypt way down in the bowels of the church with a few people from all over the world. As we walked through the main church we met a priest and gestured to him with our hands (and rings) that we were just married. He didn't speak English but clearly understood what we said and took our hands in his and said a prayer of blessing. We didn't understand what he said, but we knew what he meant. To this day, I believe that the Lord blessed us in a special way with a special grace that day through the words of that priest. He was so joyful and seemed so honored to be praying with us. I just love that all the way across the ocean, we became one in the larger body of Christ with this man and our common faith. Who knows how deeply his prayer has truly guided and blessed us in our marriage? I believe it to be very significant.

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