Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thoughts from the new 8 year old in the Family

I'm happy when...we get to go to a fair (like the Nova and Nativity fairs).

I like to think about...my birthday.

I like to read..."Kate and the Beanstalk".

Tell me about your room...Well, it has a green wall; and red covers; a bunk bed; it has flowers, fish, really pretty curtains and a pink carpet with flowers. And it has chimes in it that when you ding them make a pretty sound, and they are really colorful.

If I could plan my summer, I would go to the Bell Museum. I would go to the Mill City Museum. I would swim at the brotherhood pool. I would keep the bunnies away from my pumpkin. I would make a kite. I would hula-hoop. I would go to a movie theater. I would go to the Minneapolis Institute of Art and I would go somewhere with mom.

Happy Birthday, Kate!

The pictures above are not of the 8 year old Kate, but maybe a 3 year old Kate. I am awed by how much Izzy looks like she did at that age.

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