Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hand written "wish lists"

Since Isabel was up all night with the flu, we stayed home today and spent some quality time together. We slept in, disinfected surfaces and knobs, played Sequence, watched the Vikings game, read Thanksgiving themed books, and the two older gals, who can write, made Christmas wish lists. Here they are verbatim:

Kate the Great
  1. I want the mini Kit
  2. I want thick mittens
  3. I want ballat chos
  4. I want the game jumping monkeys
  5. I want a coat adn a skarff
  6. I want Kit close
  7. I want to be able to do cartwheels
  8. I want a picture
  9. I want to selbrate Jesus' birthdaye
  10. I want a stuff animal and it will be a cat
  11. I want to be flid with joy
  12. I want a sled
  13. I want a caping wisl (
Maddie Boo
  1. I want the Molly's outfit or the miny Ruthie is someone gets me Ruthie I would like Ruthie's close
  2. I want the game Bockish
  3. I want a small notebook
  4. I want the Dolly Dressing dolls book
  5. I want a few more Madilene movies.

Isabel's list (as of today) would probably be something like this
  1. A normal appetite so I can finish the PBJ sandwich mom made me for lunch
  2. My normal clean bed sheets and "fan" pillowcase
  3. More snuggle time with mom and/or dad
  4. Maddie reading more Farm Yard Tales to me
  5. General health and happiness by Tuesday so I can enjoy pre-school in our living room with my five friends
  6. A solid night's sleep

So here we are gathered around our basement computer desk checking out this new blog thing...Kate is trying out the treadmill for the first time. Ben is getting his evening walk in most days to condition for the Winter Camping trip.

Other tasks tonight will include:
  1. Encouraging Maddie to complete her writing assignment on the first six chapters of "The Prince and the Pauper".
  2. Last two loads of weekly laundry
  3. Making Izzy's bed (see her wish list)
  4. Mental preparation for a new week, and a holiday one at that!


Amy said...

I saw 3 of your favorite elves over on my blog...dancing with my 2. Great to see you trying the blogging thing out.

Dianne said...

This is Nana....I just read your blog...loved it. Tomorrow I'll be travel'n with Uncle Mike to California to watch him play basketball. Keep us in your prayers. I'll say hello to the ocean for you.